Freshen up your front door this weekend

Freshen up your front door this weekend

I recently posted how pleased I was that my front door still looked great 2 years after I freshened it up. This led to followers asking for some tips on how to do this. With the next Summer Bank Holiday coming up why not include it in your DIY plan? Here are my top tips for your front door refresh.

Before you begin…
• Choose a good weather day
• Prepare all your necessary equipment. You will need
• Cleaning product
• Lint free cloths
• Methylated or white spirit
• A good paint brush (about 2 -3”)
• Small brush for cutting in around windows if applicable
• Scraper
• Filler and filling knife
• Step ladder
• Masking tape
• Screwdrivers for hardware removal
• floor protector
• Paint &/or undercoat/primer ( your local family run paint store can advise )
• Protective gloves and mask
• Mini roller and paint tray

1. Clear the area around your door and remove as much hardware as you can. If it is easy to remove the door from hinges go ahead. But don’t worry if not. Just take your time and be careful.
2. Wash the door down with decorators cleaner, rinse and allow to dry
3. Mask off any hardware and windows.
4. Scrape away loose flaking/peeling paint.
5. Sand the door to remove any further loose paint with course / medium sanding pad or electric sander.
6. Fill any areas that need it, allow to dry and smooth out with fine / medium sanding pad.
7. Brush / vacuum away all dust and wipe over with spirit. Allow to dry.
8. If you are changing the door colour apply appropriate undercoat/primer and allow to dry. Apply by working around any panelling and windows with brush, working out with with your mini roller checking all the time for neatness. Work in small sections from middle to edges, top to bottom of the door. Allow to dry before the next coat.
9. Check for any errors such as small drips, or



particles which may have attached while wet. Sand off with fine to medium pad. Apply as many coats of primer/undercoat as necessary until coverage is achieved ( 2-3 ).
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 with top coat. Allow to dry thoroughly
11. Re-apply hardware

7 Deadly Sins your Painter shouldn’t commit


7 Deadly Sins your Painter shouldn’t commit,

by Sharon Fitzgerald, The Passionate Painter.

I’d like to share some tips with you based on my own experiences through the years. This particular article is for those looking for the right professional painter for their Kitchen refinish.

1. Painting without Prep. Not thoroughly cleaning and prepping surfaces before painting will result messy finishes. I’ve had the spiel given to me in my days of inexperience ‘Oil based paint can be applied over any old surface and stay there’ NOT SO!

2. Using any household cleaner to hand to clean before painting. I once worked with a painter who was either so disorganised or lazy he didn’t bother to buy his painters cleaning product before starting a job. So he rooted the householders’ cupboards to find some CIF spray and used that. To this I say, (a.) if your painter hasn’t bothered to prepare before beginning the project that screams alarm bells. (b.) There are some brilliant painters who swear by some household cleaning products to do the job, but I say if it hasn’t been tried, then it can’t be trusted. Better safe than sorry, the cleaning and prep is the most arduous part of the job but so vital, so insist on knowing what your painter intends to use for this stage.

3. Using the ‘Paint it quick and paint it thick method’. This is a huge no-no if a perfect finish is desired. Many who call themselves professional painters or their teams will just want to get the job done, get paid and get out. No… and I mean NO paint product will magically replace the effort of properly applying the correct amount of coats, with the correct tools to achieve the desired ‘perfect finish’. Applying paint quickly and thickly will result in, tidal waves, brush strokes, stippling effect, drops and drips and splashes… I could go on. But I think you get the picture! Result…Your ultimate nightmare kitchen.

4. Forgetting to fill gaps, joins and holes. Particularly where old hardware used to be. If a painter tells you that filling the old holes where the old handles used to be is ‘not my job’, then quickly move on to the next one. Even if you haven’t decided on your new handles yet. Chances are the screw holes for them will need repositioning. The old holes should be filled, evened out and painted until it looks like they never existed. This should be done by your painter, who should be making the effort to find out if you do intend to change the hardware so this can be accounted for. Taking into account those details are a sign of an interested and enthusiastic Professional painter.

5. Painting doors whilst still attached to the carcass. This one is MASSIVE no-no. Many people just assume and don’t ask if the doors will be removed. This is another dream kitchen to nightmare kitchen scenario I’ve seen first-hand. No painter, no matter how experienced or steady handed will achieve a tidy professional finish on your kitchen cupboards while they still hang on their hinges.

6. Promising to use your favourite colour and/brand, but skimping by using cheap trade copies. Be prepared to ask this question. Many will promise to use your chosen brand and colour or even insist on only using their own favourite brand. But could go off and mix your chosen colour into VERY cheap trade imitations. This NEVER works out, as the colour will not be the same as the one you want. Get a guarantee that your painter will only buy the brand and brand colour you both agree on

7. Tell you he is so quick he will refinish your kitchen in record time. If this is so, then you can be very sure that all if not most of the above short cuts will be implemented. You may be initially delighted with the apparent cheap labour and change of colour. But trust me… upon closer inspection you will see many amateur errors and most likely in time, many peeling, flaking and fading surfaces making you wish you hadn’t fallen for the lowest and quickest contract. It really does ring true that QUALITY TAKES TIME!

Hopefully that didn’t scare you out of thinking about revamping your kitchen! But served to arm you with the facts and the confidence to find your ideal painter and your perfect new Kitchen to enjoy, love, cook and entertain in for the next 10 years at least!

Hand painted kitchen in Howth, Co.Dublin

Hand painted kitchen in Howth, Co.Dublin.

hand painted kitchen


We received a call from a home owner in Howth, Co. Dublin inquiring about having their handmade kitchen hand painted. The kitchen had been installed 20 years ago by a master cabinet maker who has since retired. It had been hand painted when it was installed by a couple of excellent painters, they had achieved a flawless finish and they are also retired now too. This left the kitchens owner in a bit of a fix, when it comes time to get the finish you would expect in a hand painted kitchen, who do you call? Its one thing to have a handy man available that can paint your garden wall and do a few bits and pieces here and there but you wouldn’t ask a handyman to have a go at a hand painted kitchen, unless of course you really aren’t that fussy!

hand painted kitchen

I made an appointment to see the kitchen and once there went through the system we use to achieve the best results. I also went through all the options with materials and all the different types of brands, explaining the pro’s and con’s of each. Once the customer had all the information they were then able to decide on what was going to be best for them. They decided on an eggshell finish in an antique white.

hand painted kitchen

When the day came to start on this hand painted kitchen we arrived early in the morning and started to remove all the doors and drawers first. These were then placed in the van to be brought to our workshop. Once the doors etc had been tucked away safely in the van we started work on the carcasses. First we went about removing the build up of grease that every kitchen has to some extent

Once the cleaning was complete everything received a good rub down with a low grade sandpaper. After that the cabinets were dusted, vacuumed, wiped clean with tack clothes and then wiped down one last time with some new lint free clothes and methylated spirits. This gave us the perfect surface for the fist coat of eggshell.

hand painted kitchen

Back at the workshop all the doors, drawers and door knobs too were given a deep clean using Krud Kutter. Krud Kutter is a degreaser that really works well. Once clean everything went through the same process as the kitchen carcasses. Then everything received two coats of eggshell in Antique White.


They were given one coat on the Tuesday, One coast on the Wednesday, they were left to cure on the Thursday and on the Friday the doors, drawers and knobs made there return to the kitchen. The carcasses had been finished prior to returning with the doors etc.

hand painted kitchen


The kitchen was reassembled and finishing touches were added here and there. The ceiling, walls and woodwork were also painted to give the whole room a fresh new look. When the customer got to see the finished article she was indeed very very happy with the results.

hand painted kitchen

Transformation complete!

hand painted kitchen

If you would like a hand painted kitchen then get in touch with the kitchen painters at!

hand painted kitchen

This work was carried out by Oisin Butler Ltd, a member of

Conclusion – If you would like your kitchen to be a hand painted kitchen like this then get in touch with the experts at, nation wide service!


how to paint waxed wood, kitchen cabinets etc by Eddie Art HPF&ID

How to paint waxed wood etc by Eddie Art Hand Painted Furniture & Interior Décor.

If you want to paint waxed wood, whether its furniture or kitchen cabinets, there is a process that needs to be followed in order to achieve a high quality, long lasting finish.

This is a kitchen that was painted for a client that came to me via my FB business page who in turn had come to me via This is a 13 year old waxed kitchen that my client had looked at by a painter who spray’s kitchen’s and was told it cannot be painted because it’s waxed, the customer asked me ‘can you paint waxed wood?’ I can, it just need’s to be de waxed first!

paint waxed wood

On my 1st visit I explained and gave a small demonstration as to how to remove the wax, this is what we must do in order to paint waxed wood, then I explained The Process with regard’s to what happens to the kitchen leading right up to the finished look, I then priced the kitchen and on agreement a date was set.

paint waxed wood

The Process was all door’s and draws removed and taken to workshop, they then undergo a deep cleaning and de waxing process then all door’s etc are sanded smooth ready for the next stage.

paint waxed wood

As this is a knotty solid hand made pine kitchen, this was then given two good coat’s of Zinsser bin a shellac primer sealer which give’s me my basecoat for following top coat’s it also seal’s the knot’s all in one go, once this is done then I hand sanded the basecoat hoovered and then wipe over with a tack cloth to remove all fine dust that hoovering cannot remove alone.

paint waxed wood

Next stage was 3 top coat’s were applied, on this occasion Tikkurila helmi matt 10  mixed to the equivilant of White Tie and Ball Green  were used for the finish with a light finish sand between coat’s.

paint waxed wood

This same process was applied to the carcase with the addition that all top’s were strip sanded using a Mirka Deros dust free sanding system using various grit’s to result in a very smooth finish,

paint waxed wood

which in turn had 2 coat’s of Sadolin extra wood stain applied in African Walnut this was then sand sealed then sanded smooth and finished with 3 coat’s of Tikkurila Kiva Lacquer.

paint waxed wood

The end result was a kitchen that look’s brighter and more interesting to the eye also new handle’s were re positioned and fitted and contributed to the finished look. To buy this kitchen brand new from a kitchen shop would cost a small fortune, for a fraction of the cost it can be de waxed and hand painted.


The pictures speak for themselves.


All the best,



How to paint waxed wood, kitchen cabinets – conclusion.

If you would like to know more about this process then please get in touch today, remember to like our Facebook page too!

Paul Hanley joins


Paul Hanley painting & decorating is the newest member of



Paul is based in Baile liam. Spiddal, Co. Galway and is happy to arrange a home or site visit and will provide you with the best possible advice concerning your kitchen or fitted furniture.


paul hanley1

Paul is a master when it comes to hand painted furniture and has years of experience transforming kitchens and furniture for customers all over Galway.

paul hanley 2

Paul has lots of experience with all the different varieties of paint brands and finishes and he will recommend the best product and finish for your kitchen and furniture.

hand painted kitchen

If you are living in or around Galway and would like your kitchen cabinets transformed by an expert then look no further!

hand painted kitchen


Paul Hanley Painting & Decorating, a member of

Serving all Galway & County
087 2977124

Brennan Painters join


I’m Paul Brennan of Brennan Painters.


kitchen painters hand painted kitchen

I’ve been in the painting profession nearly 20 years since finishing school.

kitchen painters hand painted kitchen

I  take great pride in my work to ensure a perfect finish and happy customers each and every time.

kitchen painters hand painted kitchen

I specialize in hand painted kitchens and furniture also general painting, I always use the best tools & materials to ensure a high quality finish,

kitchen painters hand painted kitchen

I’m based in Carrickmacross and travel all over Ireland hand painting kitchens and furniture. If you’d like to know more then please get in touch.



Paul brennan
Co Monaghan

Classic Decorator, Lee Reeve joins

lee reeve

Hi, I’m Lee Reeve and my business is called Classic Decorator. I’m based in Cloyne, Co. Cork but travel all over the country with work.


lee 1


I served a 4 year apprenticeship in painting & decorating, receiving a merit, also completed City & Guilds level 3 in painting & decorating.


lee 2
Served my apprenticeship in Coolmore stud and Castletown House. I am also a member of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen.



I carry out all types of painting and decorating but like to think of myself as a specialist when it comes to hand painted kitchens and furniture.


This is what some of my customers have had to say about my service..


I cannot recommend Classic Decorator enough. Lee’s attention to detail and perfectionist personality combine for a pristine result. If you’re looking for a true professional, look no further. Amanda Ogmen.

I would highly recommend Lee for his professionalism and excellent results. The work he did for us is of a high standard and he is a very nice guy to deal with. We’ll be getting him to do further work for us next year! Claire.

Very professional work carried out in the painting of my house. Very polite and friendly person with helpful ideas with colours. Would definitely recommend him. Siobhan

Thanks for reading my blog,


The Passionate Painter,



Sharon Fitzgerald, trading as The Passionate Painter, is an experienced furniture and kitchens painter with a particular interest in individually designed paint effects and colour psychology for the home.


Sharon who describes herself as ‘a bit of a perfectionist’ has natural eye for detail ensures each and every client is 100% happy with each project. You can avail of a home colour and styling consultation with Sharon, after which she will leave you with your perfect real paint colour chips in A4 and A5 sizes and the knowledge and confidence to take on your project or hire a painter with the proper know how.


Sharon uses what she considers the proven best of Irish paint brands which are used to achieve a perfect finish for our clients, whether it be a flawless sheen or rustic effect that is required. Sharon is very passionate about ecologically and environmentally safe painting methods and materials, using high quality Colortrend Paints.


The Passionate Painter is quickly gaining reputation for attention to detail and quality as testimonials show. Sharon is based in Limerick city, covering Limerick and surrounding counties.


‘’ Sharon did a fantastic job -she is a real perfectionist, takes extreme pride in her work . She has great ideas and is a lovely person to work with, I would highly recommend her.’’

Aoife Ryan, Murroe


‘’Sharon you are amazing your work is first class and you have great ideas. Thank you so much for transforming my kitchen of 26 years to a new modern bright kitchen . Fantastic worker I would highly recommend you.’’

Theresa Loftus, Raheen


Facebook Business


Email: sharon3513(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


Telephone: 0894921301 January competition.


Enter this Facebook competition for a chance to have your wooden kitchen cabinets transformed by 
To celebrate the launch of our new website,, we are offering a kitchen cabinet repaint to the value of €1,250 to include paint work and high quality paint from Ireland’s premium paint manufacturer – Colortrend.

This will be the first time in Facebook history that we at in conjunction with Colortrend will be creating a beautiful hand painted kitchen for a lucky winner who will be selected at random on January 31st 2016!

There will also be 3 runners-up prizes of painting vouchers valued at €250 each!

Want to join in this amazing giveaway for a chance to rejuvenate your kitchen?! Simply follow the steps below to enter our competition:

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Good Luck!

Please note:

This competition is for the chance to win kitchen cabinets painting to the value of €1,250 inclusive of Vat. This should cover the cost to paint an average sized kitchen. If you win and your kitchen is larger than average then you will need to pay the excess (still a fantastic deal!).
This competition is open to people in the Republic of Ireland.
This competition is open until the 31st of January 2016
This competition is for the chance to win kitchen cabinet painting to the value of €1,250 inclusive of Vat and is non transferable.
O’Regan Decorators and Sign-writers join


Michael O’Regan of O’Regan Decorators and Sign-writers began his journey as a specialist painter and finisher in 1989 as an apprentice to his father in an already well established painting and decorating business. Whilst learning traditional painting and paper hanging methods under a watchful parental eye, Michael also continued to follow his artistic flair through school and Art College.

12483604_10153366850919211_1968764419_n - Copy - Copy

After founding his own business more than 20 years ago, Michael soon found himself in demand due to his skill and expertise in hand painted furniture, faux finishing, hand painted signs and murals. As well as being called on to restore items with marbling, wood graining and gilding finishes, Michael has also been commissioned to complete many new pieces of furniture with these paint effects as well as distressing, , glazing and so on.

12467872_10153366850759211_139018571_n - Copy - Copy

While constantly staying abreast of the latest trends, styles and materials, Michael is passionate about quality, traditional craftsmanship and runs a blog promoting and teaching techniques and methods that would otherwise be lost with contributions from world respected experts in their fields, from the Palace of Versailles to the United States as well as from Michael himself.


When it comes to hand painted kitchens, Michael uses the best tools and traditional techniques combined with modern, water based and low emission paints and materials. Whether a brand new kitchen or an old one for modernizing, Michael O’Regan knows how to make yours stand out from the crowd, advising on colour palettes, styles and finishes to suit your tastes and needs. All O’Regan Decorators kitchen and furniture finishes are resilient, hard wearing yet high class and aesthetic statements of interior décor that reflect the best of you.

12476321_10153366850679211_86887170_n - Copy - Copy