Oisin Butler Ltd forms Kitchenpainters.ie

At Oisin Butler Ltd we have been hand painting kitchen cabinets and fitted furniture for many years now. Please click on this link to our website to find out more.

Painting kitchens and furniture is a craft that takes some years to develop. Along the way we try out lots of different types of tools, brushes with different bristles for different types of paint, fillers that are flexible for gaps, fillers that are hard and won’t shrink. We learn and practice different methods for drying out paint and for keeping it wet (this helps the brush strokes to settle). We practice using different types of sanding equipment. We try out different types of de-greasers to clean down surfaces before priming begins. New primers are developed by paint companies looking to get our business so we try these out. New paints are developed or the formula of old reliable paints get changed so we need to keep up to date on what the best product, tool and of course practice to use in order to achieve a good, solid, long lasting finish.

Kitchen painters

Hand painted kitchen

Kitchen & furniture painting is a branch of painting & decorating that is a lot more specific and needs a different approach than general painting. Kitchen & furniture painters more often than not work by themselves or with a helper. Its rare to find a large company of kitchen & furniture painting specialists.
Over the years we have been perfecting our skills and honing our craft but it takes a lot of work to stay on top of our game. This is the core reason behind forming the Kitchen Painters network.
Kitchen painters

Hand painted furniture.

With kitchenpainters.ie we have formed a network of kitchen & furniture painting specialists that are spread throughout Ireland. This network gives kitchen painters across the land the opportunity to interact with one another.
The benefits of the kitchen painters network include:
  • Its a place for professional kitchen & furniture painters to keep up to date on the newest tools, paints and painting techniques.
  • A place to ask advice about a particular subject relating to painting kitchens and furniture.
  • A place to share experience.
  • Access to skilled painters that can be employed to help out on larger jobs
  • For the customer, piece of mind, as all members of the kitchen painters network are dedicated specialists that are constantly striving for the best finish.

If you are a professional kitchen & furniture painter and would like to become a member of kitchenpainters.ie then we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via our contact page. We do have some minimum requirements and these will be explained to you.