7 Deadly Sins your Painter shouldn’t commit

by Sharon Fitzgerald, The Passionate Painter.

I’d like to share some tips with you based on my own experiences through the years. This particular article is for those looking for the right professional painter for their Kitchen refinish.

1. Painting without Prep.

Not thoroughly cleaning and prepping surfaces before painting will result messy finishes. I’ve had the spiel given to me in my days of inexperience ‘Oil based paint can be applied over any old surface and stay there’ NOT SO!

2. Using any household cleaner to hand to clean before painting.

I once worked with a painter who was either so disorganised or lazy he didn’t bother to buy his painters cleaning product before starting a job. So he rooted the householders’ cupboards to find some CIF spray and used that. To this I say, (a.) if your painter hasn’t bothered to prepare before beginning the project that screams alarm bells. (b.) There are some brilliant painters who swear by some household cleaning products to do the job, but I say if it hasn’t been tried, then it can’t be trusted. Better safe than sorry, the cleaning and prep is the most arduous part of the job but so vital, so insist on knowing what your painter intends to use for this stage.

3. Using the ‘Paint it quick and paint it thick method’.

This is a huge no-no if a perfect finish is desired. Many who call themselves professional painters or their teams will just want to get the job done, get paid and get out. No… and I mean NO paint product will magically replace the effort of properly applying the correct amount of coats, with the correct tools to achieve the desired ‘perfect finish’. Applying paint quickly and thickly will result in, tidal waves, brush strokes, stippling effect, drops and drips and splashes… I could go on. But I think you get the picture! Result…Your ultimate nightmare kitchen.

4. Forgetting to fill gaps, joins and holes.

Particularly where old hardware used to be. If a painter tells you that filling the old holes where the old handles used to be is ‘not my job’, then quickly move on to the next one. Even if you haven’t decided on your new handles yet. Chances are the screw holes for them will need repositioning. The old holes should be filled, evened out and painted until it looks like they never existed. This should be done by your painter, who should be making the effort to find out if you do intend to change the hardware so this can be accounted for. Taking into account those details are a sign of an interested and enthusiastic Professional painter.

5. Painting doors whilst still attached to the carcass.

This one is MASSIVE no-no. Many people just assume and don’t ask if the doors will be removed. This is another dream kitchen to nightmare kitchen scenario I’ve seen first-hand. No painter, no matter how experienced or steady handed will achieve a tidy professional finish on your kitchen cupboards while they still hang on their hinges.

6. Promising to use your favourite colour and/brand, but skimping by using cheap trade copies.

Be prepared to ask this question. Many will promise to use your chosen brand and colour or even insist on only using their own favourite brand. But could go off and mix your chosen colour into VERY cheap trade imitations. This NEVER works out, as the colour will not be the same as the one you want. Get a guarantee that your painter will only buy the brand and brand colour you both agree on

7. Tell you he is so quick he will refinish your kitchen in record time.

If this is so, then you can be very sure that all if not most of the above short cuts will be implemented. You may be initially delighted with the apparent cheap labour and change of colour. But trust me… upon closer inspection you will see many amateur errors and most likely in time, many peeling, flaking and fading surfaces making you wish you hadn’t fallen for the lowest and quickest contract. It really does ring true that QUALITY TAKES TIME!

Hopefully that didn’t scare you out of thinking about revamping your kitchen! But served to arm you with the facts and the confidence to find your ideal painter and your perfect new Kitchen to enjoy, love, cook and entertain in for the next 10 years at least!

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