How to paint waxed wood

by Eddie Art Hand Painted kitchens.


If you want to paint waxed wood, whether its furniture or kitchen cabinets, there is a process that needs to be followed in order to achieve a high quality, long lasting finish.

This is a kitchen that was painted for a client that came to me via my FB business page who in turn had come to me via This is a 13 year old waxed kitchen that my client had looked at by a painter who spray’s kitchen’s and was told it cannot be painted because it’s waxed, the customer asked me ‘can you paint waxed wood?’ I can, it just need’s to be de waxed first!

paint waxed wood

On my 1st visit I explained and gave a small demonstration as to how to remove the wax, this is what we must do in order to paint waxed wood, then I explained The Process with regard’s to what happens to the kitchen leading right up to the finished look, I then priced the kitchen and on agreement a date was set.

paint waxed wood

The Process was all door’s and draws removed and taken to workshop, they then undergo a deep cleaning and de waxing process then all door’s etc are sanded smooth ready for the next stage.

paint waxed wood

As this is a knotty solid hand made pine kitchen, this was then given two good coat’s of Zinsser bin a shellac primer sealer which give’s me my basecoat for following top coat’s it also seal’s the knot’s all in one go, once this is done then I hand sanded the basecoat hoovered and then wipe over with a tack cloth to remove all fine dust that hoovering cannot remove alone.

paint waxed wood

Next stage was 3 top coat’s were applied, on this occasion Tikkurila helmi matt 10  mixed to the equivilant of White Tie and Ball Green  were used for the finish with a light finish sand between coat’s.

paint waxed wood

This same process was applied to the carcase with the addition that all top’s were strip sanded using a Mirka Deros dust free sanding system using various grit’s to result in a very smooth finish,

paint waxed wood

which in turn had 2 coat’s of Sadolin extra wood stain applied in African Walnut this was then sand sealed then sanded smooth and finished with 3 coat’s of Tikkurila Kiva Lacquer.

paint waxed wood

The end result was a kitchen that look’s brighter and more interesting to the eye also new handle’s were re positioned and fitted and contributed to the finished look. To buy this kitchen brand new from a kitchen shop would cost a small fortune, for a fraction of the cost it can be de waxed and hand painted.

The pictures speak for themselves.

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How to paint waxed wood, kitchen cabinets – conclusion.

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